Monday, January 24, 2011

A post got published....!

on the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance website.  I can't tell how anyone would find it without having the link beforehand.
Here's the link:

My first impulse was to be happy - yay!  I got published!  Someone who could resonate with my words might see them, and feel something!
Then I thought
No, no one will read it
who looks at this website anyway
and how would they find my poem
even if they wanted to?

And THEN I thought -
these are the negative spirals of thought that get me into the deep dark hole of black death badness.

I CHOOSE to be pleased,
at least mildly,
with my modest triumph.

And I still hope my words find their way to someone who will
breathe a sigh of relief or
laugh out loud in recognition or
furrow their brow and think
'hmm I wonder if this is what my
is going through.
maybe I get it a little better now.'